The leaders of our future society are located in universities today. The direction in which today’s society will develop is thus entirely dependent on the upbringing of today’s youth. Unfortunately, the modern education system has long educated young people in the spirit that numbers, abstract theories and statistics are more important than values, loving relationships and worldviews. Such a modern education system, built on an infinite amount of information, on an often extremely cold, impersonal teacher-student relationship, and of course with a definition of performance based on ascendant goal orientation, leads young people to develop a materialistic and hedonistic worldview. The consequence of this in our society is drawn in various ways, including in the form of degradation of collective social values, the collapse of the family cell, excessive consumption, and the frightening frequency of suicide of unfortunate individuals in our society.

At the Bhaktivedanta Institute, we want to revolutionize the intellectual, personal and spiritual development of our future leaders with our educational programs. Education is carried out in accordance with the ancient Vedic pedagogical and andragogical principles, which, unlike modern Western approaches, are much more qualitatively and holistically oriented. The core or foundation of the approach is the development of higher values and interpersonal competencies that, according to the unambiguous opinion of the ancient Vedic scriptures and authorities, only qualify the individual to understand all remaining knowledge in the right light. Thus, according to the Vedic tradition, personal growth and development are the basis for the proper understanding and functioning of the individual. With this approach, we want to finally fill the gap of values and personal integrity of each individual, an invaluable part of our society, and thus create the conditions for a better common future.